Better Infrared Camera Thermography Solutions

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  • Info mengenai strategi-strategi Predictive dan Pro-active Maintenance menggunakan Infrared Thermography
  • Info mengenai produk2 bantu (tools) terkini untuk digunakan dalam strategi tsb
  • Artikel-artikel menarik mengenai praktek Predictive dan Pro-active Maintenance dan artikel yang ditulis oleh pakar-pakar di bidang ini

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    Low Series

    EaIR 4 Series
    EasIR 4
    Ergonomically designed for either hand handing, one button for shoot-and-save easy operation, it is an ideal tool for routine thermal inspection...

    FLIR E4, E5, E6 and E8 EaIR 4 Series
    The First with Thermal, Visible, and MSX 
    Now every technician can afford to keep an E-Series camera handy for quick equipment scans and safety checks. Easier to use than a smart phone, FLIR’s economical thermal imagers offers everything you need for on-the-spot thermal inspections. These are invaluable tools that can help you clearly see and find hidden electrical and mechanical overheating in time to stop problems from turning into serious, expensive trouble.

    Middle Series

    MobIR MX900

    The MobIR MX900, representing a landmark of IR technology progress globally,  is the latest innovation from Guide Infrared who always works with innovative emotion. 

    FLIR E40, E50 and E60  EaIR 4 Series 
    Powerful, Flexible and Feature Rich Thermal Imaging Performance If you’re a busy electrician, plant maintenance engineer or facilities technician who plans to do frequent thermal imaging inspections of high energy or high temperature equipment at a distance, you’ll appreciate the features in this line of cameras. You can add wide angle or telephoto lenses to measure small objects from a distance, connect to smartphones and tablets, and do reporting right from the field with a comprehensive set of measurement tools. You can also connect to select devices supporting MeterLink®. All E-Series models include MSX, a patented FLIR-only feature designed for busy electrical and mechanical users that gives you all of the vital visual data right inside your thermal image.

    High Series

    FLIR T640, T660 Series    

    FLIR’s Best Handheld Imagery and Accuracy

  • 3 superior thermal imaging choices including 640 × 480 native resolution
  • Up to 1.2 MP thermal resolution with UltraMax™ – a 4× improvement for finer detail and  accuracy
  • MSX® enhancement that etches key visible details such as numbers, labels, etc. onto live, stored, 
  • and UltraMax thermal images for easier locating
  • Class-leading sensitivity as fine as <0.02°C for outstanding image quality and subtler thermal patterns
  • Temperature range calibrations up to 2,000°C for measuring the hottest targets

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